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Lauren & Bryan | Neuse Breeze Wedding | Havelock, NC | Allie Miller Wedding Photographers | Nort

Lauren and Bryan have a good story - in the making since 2010 - They met while Lauren was interning at the place in which Bryan worked... A first kiss happened in January 2013 at a company gathering but, their first date was not until February 2013- July 2016, Bryan proposed! Lauren loves coffee and so does Bryan - They gave all their guests delicious coffee along with a celebration mug. Bryan has a spirit of a pirate - and to celebrate their union they used nautical ropes instead of the many known and customary ceremony traditions.

Bryan loves muscle cars and enjoys along with Lauren traveling - they also participate in many competitive fitness races - Lauren is a certified chef as well as a vegan - you can imagine the delicious food served at the wedding - The cupcakes were made with the different ingredients to make them vegan friendly made by Cakes By Chris. Needless to say - Neuse Breeze is a truly magnificent venue - All floral arrangements and bouquets were designed by the Neuse Breeze Floral Team - They also have a barista on site - along with The Flame - who took care of catering and providing guests with incredible hospitality.

Before entering the pavilion [ where all guests enjoy their meals] - there was an area which had recreational games as well as the gorgeous vintage pieces from Charming and Quaint by the fire pit. Seriously! What else can you ask for in a venue? Hair and make up were possible by Silver Ceiling Beauty Consultants in Wilmington Bride had very simple and yet classy details for her gown and chose not to use any jewelry other than her ring. Groom had his suit especially tailored for him in very soft colors - Entertainment was provided by Kyle Pate with Generations DJ Service and Photo-booth Service we brought by Mary Adrian with the Glamper-booth.

Friends and family enjoyed the reception dancing the night away, the couple oped not to have an exit... They said farewell while to Billy Joel's Piano Man, Enjoy!

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