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Stephanie + Ryan | Engagement Session | Raleigh, NC | Destination Weddings | Allie Miller Weddings

We had a magnificent time with Stephanie and Ryan - and their pup Cookie for their engagement session in Raleigh, NC We started with casual look at Umstead Park in Crabtree Area and ended with a very sweet formal look in one of their favorite places near Crabtree Mall in Raleigh, NC.

Here is a little story - HOW RYAN REMEMBERS IT: Back in the olden days, there was a stunningly handsome young man named Ryan, working at a local Harris Teeter. His store manager introduced him to a new "Starbucks lead" for the kiosk that was being opened in their store. He remembers thinking she was cute, but didn't think much more about it.

But as they started seeing more of each other at work, he began to realize that she was actually pretty cool, too. So, he asked her out, but she shut him down.

He wasn't discouraged though, and his persistence eventually paid off.

Several trivia nights and an unhealthy number of smoothies later (oh, and a wedding), they finally got together at last - with their first official date being a visit to Tanglewood to see the Christmas lights.

And the rest, as they say, is history. You don't need to ask Steph to confirm this story, it's 100% true and un-embellished. Just trust me.

:) This will be with zero doubts a great day in December for their wedding in Youngsville, NC



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