Photographer David L. Joins Allie Miller Weddings This Season As Our Very Own Jody M Retires 🎞️

This post does not come to me so easily, lots of mixed emotions with this one... As for the past 5 years it has been Allie and Jody.

Allie Miller Weddings had a tremendous growth thanks to Jody's presence and photographic experience, our clients and their families grew accustomed to have Jody always be part of their day! Jody is become family.

Having shared so much with Jody, makes it challenging to accept that he will no longer be coming to weddings or projects starting July 2021 -

What is next for him? As he retires from photographing weddings with Allie Miller Weddings, this will allow him more time to travel and create content for his very own Fine Art America Online Store as well as for Beaufort Mercantile - A local business/gallery where he showcases and sells the most beautiful work reflecting all the extraordinary nature of the USA/Galapagos and Africa.

While he prepares to go back to his Nature and Landscape Photo-Travel-Passions, I want to say how very happy, blessed and grateful I am at many levels for the most wonderful 5 years of work... Part of me is a bit sad, just because - I know that I will miss him terribly - Everyone will!

As he gets ready to travel this Summer back to Africa, rest assured that he will still be part of my day in/out - As he is family forever!

Now, with Jody's retirement news. I would love to introduce David L. and welcome him to the Allie Miller Weddings family!

I have known David for about three years - We met while his friend [a volunteer for Little Pink Houses of Hope] was assisting the retreat - David was photographing these families for the week and I usually do their family pictures the last day on the retreat... The Friday we met - we talked shop, and just clicked! He was very interested in knowing about of entrepreneurial life in photo-biz. We exchanged info and ever since we were in contact. His work is extraordinary - David had moved to the area about 2017 after a long corporate career, and so, he started photographing more and more.

One day, in the Spring of 2019 he asked me to photograph his daughter's wedding in October 12th, 2019 - Of course, I said YES! Duh! By far, one of the most beautiful weekends spent in great company Savannah, GA at The Mackey House.

David, has always expressed interest in photographing as my second shooter - The opportunity came a few months ago, when Jody determined it was time to pass the baton to another pro. When I asked David, what he thought on becoming my second shooter with me starting July? He didn't hesitate and said; YES!

David's Story: David has had the incredible opportunity to travel the world the last 10yrs with his camera in a previous corporate career.

He has embarked on a journey to take his photography to a whole new level. And what started as a passion for travel, he quickly realized that travel and fine art photography go hand in hand. Although, he still travels and continues to be very passionate with his travel photography. He works on projects of his own... With soon to be traveling to Italy with his adored wife, Lisa. During the past 3 years, he is become a shaper of lights, bringing the skills of managing natural lighting and the incorporation of flash and speed lights to true art-form. He aims to capture the beauty and emotion that life has to offer.

Creating memories and art that will last a lifetime is his main focus. Mantra that is highly fitting to Allie Miller Weddings.

David is bringing all of this together and working alongside me to create amazing images our clients.