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Lexi & Josh | Farm 58 Venue | Wedding Celebration | North Carolina Weddings | Allie Miller NC Wedding Photographer

Good things happen to good people - Lexi and Josh - What a day! See? 5/18 has been a very special date since the start!

On 5/18 - we marked our calendars, placed our bets, and ready our wishes as fortunate awaited us this month. On May 18 at 2:36 p.m. EST, we experienced a once-a-year Jupiter cazimi and one of the most amazing days in MAY!

Cazimi comes from the Arabic word kaṣmīmī, meaning “as if in the heart.”

In astrological terms, a cazimi transpires when a planet is in close or exact conjunction with the sun, right in the infernal heart of it, if you will. Also known as the “Day of Miracles,” a Jupiter cazimi occurs when the planet of good times, good luck, deep pockets, limitless potential, laughter, wisdom, and diamonds on the soles of its proverbial shoes, is within one degree of the sun. A cazimi is something of a solar amplifier/purifier, where the inherent energy of a planet is hyped and heightened by its proximity to that show-boating death star.

On Saturday, as the planet took a growth, with hints of optimism, and plenty of abundance, the day got a solar passionate kiss at 28 degrees... We were all primed to reap the benefits. So did Lexi and Josh!

Now, not enough words to even describe the dynamics and the feelings!

What a magnificent team of vendors, they completely took care of ALL!

So glad to be able to work with amazing pros for this day!

The Venue: @farm58venue

The entertainment: @chuck_kolb| @ck_entertainment_dj

The Food - @vine.newbern

The Filmography: @85film

The Live Painter: @byamycovington

The Hair + MU @hairby.kelseyzito

The Transport: @diamondbuscompany


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