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Anna + Douglas | Crystal Coast Country Club Wedding | Pine knoll Shores, NC | Allie Miller Weddings

As we celebrate and kick off the last weekend of September with Anna and Douglas, it has been the greatest pleasure to work with them the past year. From their first date in 5.10.20 [Pandemic time y'all!] to Douglas' proposal in CR on 03.05.22 - It proves the saying : 'the heart knows what it knows' and with these lovelies, it was never a guessing game! Douglas prep-time before wedding, was a game of golf with his friends and Anna spent time with her girl at the bridal suite, getting their makeup and hair done.

Douglas, crated and built the arbor for their wedding day. The party starts with a guest count of 223 and a bridal party of one person at the altar: her best friend of 17+years, Jessie, the MOH and Johnny [groom's dad] and along are 8-12 friends to bride and groom [as honorary] - these made for amazing pictures and a great time!

First looks were shared between dad and daughter - mom was present and it made for a wonder few minutes, just enjoying that little special moment. Anna and Douglas exchanged - voice-vows sent to one another via text... These were recorded and they both had very private time to listen.

At ceremony special appearances made by the flower girl - EG [groom's niece] and their fur baby - Patton - who ran rapidly to dad and then to both at the end of the ceremony...

Amongst the many details, the most memorable vintage rentals are part of their decor and with a color palette filled with neutral colors, pinks and sages - Florals with english and spray roses, white orchids, eucalyptus and dry bo-ho accents.

Under the clear top-tent, vintage living-room-lawn sets and a bar were located around the dance floor, all under a set of gorgeous light beige rattan chandeliers - That had accents of greens provided by Charming + Quaint

A reveal-look was shared when Douglas saw Anna for the first time in her wedding gown as she walked down the aisle with her father. I cannot way eyes were dried...

So excited that Anna wore a second dress for the party portion and a pair of Dolce Vitas sneakers with a special pearl-studded jacket!

Let's get in the personal details for Anna's day... I had the pleasure to photograph Anna's Grandparents invite form the 40's, along with items used by them - a cameo-brooch pendant, that has grandpa's picture in it... Gloves, hair brush and mirror belonging to grandma... As well as a ceramic dish from grandma's collection. An original photograph of her grandparents on the day of their wedding was part of her heirlooms. Anna wore her grandma's dol earrings and her pendant as well and a cathedral veil belonging to a friend as her borrowed.

At dinner time, after the special dances share by parents and couple, stations were set up for different foods like gourmet tacos and tapa-style dinners - The bar had a drink menu made for every taste. There was no cake at this party, but 'The Watkins' chose in a very elegantly fashion a champagne tower instead; however, guests still enjoyed donuts for dessert.

The band played the tunes and everyone danced... Anna, even tossed a bouquet, it was a fun time!

After the last call, an intimate dance and a quiet moment was shared by the couple all followed by sparklers and a getaway on a golf-cart ride into the night...

"Better Together"

The Vendors:

Band: Emerald Empire Band,

Coordination and planning and florals by Knot a Second Thought.

Make up by MUA-CL by Christina Lopez

Hair by Bridal Hairstylist, Rosalie Enna.

Officiant Bryan Hoffman.

Vintage Rentals by: Charming & Quaint -

Clear Top Tent, stage and dance floor: Down East Rentals.

Transportation by: Oak City Shuttle [Raleigh] - Sam Holder [Groom's friend]

Catering: Crystal Coast Country Club


Excerpt from wedding site

"My brother is asking for your number, is that okay?". It all started with an innocent text from Anna's best friend, Blair Watkins. See, Anna and Douglas have quite the *pandemic* love story. In March of 2020, Anna moved back to North Carolina from San Diego, California, to prepare to attend the Appalachian State University Masters in Social Work program scheduled to start that summer. Douglas had been living in Raleigh, North Carolina, after moving back from Jackson, Wyoming, several years prior. At this time, Douglas ran and operated his second company, Capitol Construction Site Development.

Once things began to shut down in Raleigh, Anna went down to Pine Knoll Shores, North Carolina, to stay with two long time friends while waiting to see how the COVID-19 pandemic would unfold. Eastern NC was a place where she had spent many fall, spring, and summer vacations. Douglas also has a long history of making eastern North Carolina his second home with friends and family.

Anna's response to Blair was an easy one, as she had grown up thinking her best-friend's older brother was quite handsome! In May of 2020, Blair, her daughter Ellis Grace, and brother Douglas planned a weekend beach getaway to their dad's spot in Beaufort, North Carolina. Without hesitation, Douglas eagerly requested Anna come visit his niece, Ellis Grace, that weekend. He was anxiously awaiting Anna's arrival and his charming personality did not disappoint.

With lots of changes in a short period of time, Anna and Douglas moved to Boone, North Carolina, where Anna completed her Masters program. Anna and Douglas spent one year in the mountains with their dog, Patton, enjoying all things outdoors, including camping, skiing, and a little bit of hiking (Douglas is not a big hiker; prefers a golf cart!). It was an easy decision to move to Beaufort, North Carolina, in May of 2021 where they began the next chapter of their journey.

Meeting the family proved to be quite easy for Anna, as they had already known her for many years. Douglas also knew some of Anna's family as he had graduated from Broughton High School with Anna's older brother, Mack Garrison. It's almost as if Anna and Douglas were meant to be together all along, and the timing worked out just as it should!'



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