Chelsea & Blaine | Everest Yacht Wedding | Beaufort - Shackleford Banks - North Carolina | Allie

Chelsea spotted Blaine first day of their gerontology class at ECU [ Go Pirates!!!] The love story begins, when she seats near him so that she could stare at him, the cute boy that semester. By chance they ended up in the same project group [ how lucky!]

Their team met at Starbucks to work on the project, where afterwards Chelsea planned just to stay to enjoy her tea and a book after the meet, the other members of the team left, Blaine [ The cute boy ] asked if he could stay and hang around to keep her company, well... The rest is history! This wedding was planned for September 27th, 2017 but was had on Friday the 29th because Hurricane season was at its peak and tropical Storm 'Maria" was looking to visit the Crystal Coast Area... Since their wedding would take place on board of the Everest, everything worked out and the weather was amazing on Friday! Bride and groom details were so simple and beautiful - They decided to get ready at their home in Morehead City, NC - and they opted to have a first look before the wedding -

Family were present - Siblings and parents as well and grandma!

Bride wore a gorgeous gown designed by Justin Alexander [ Sweetheart Collection] - Make up and Hair Color Couture salon by Meagan White Rodgers The groom's suit was tailored made in navy blue with plum inner lining - matched with shoes from Cole Haan. Their beautiful rings were selected from DP Jewelry in Morehead City, NC As you look at the images, you will see a set of glasses, these were heirlooms from Chelsea's great grandmother, they were a surprise gift from her mom - We love to see these details! Floral Design for Chelsea's bouquet, boutonniere's and mothers/ grandmother mini bouquets were made by Tildy Designs in Morehead City, NC - As well as the garlands and other floral/greenery details on board of the Everest.

We had a magnificent day with both bride and groom and their family - We hope you enjoy this beautiful images as much as we did their day!

Congratulations to Mr and Mrs Long!