Most Frequently Asked Questions

 why book us? 

Because we are seasoned, full-time photographers, and we can ensure that you get your

beautiful day with the highest quality you can expect for your day from us.  

Because of our experience, we already know the dynamics of these special days,

we will communicate with the venue, or desired event planner and

there are never any questions on how we handle your timeline professionally. 

We can guarantee your expectations to be met in more than one way!

Is our engagement session included?


We make sure we include a complimentary session when you book with us.

It allows us to get to know you a little better, our time spent the day of will

be a great indication about our dynamics for the big day!

These sessions hold no monetary value against the investment;

however, they are a magnificent opportunity to get beautiful images
of you two to celebrate your wonderful engagement.

how many images are delivered from a typical day?


Keeping in mind that when shooting a wedding, we are documenting your day -

And while considering all variables, such as the size of bridal party, number of guests,
the time of coverage & timeline, the event type, sites of coverage, its celebration periods,
the post ceremony formal photographs and so on we are after the important moments.


Every wedding is unique and in our experience the average 7 hours day

with a second shooter will typically yield an average 500+ images.  

That said, these numbers may vary, like we mentioned,
this depending on the dynamics of your day.


do you offer an  'on-line'  proofing gallery?

After processing your digital images, we upload them all to a web-based 
platform and
send you a password protected link.


Your link will be available for 120 days from the delivery date.

Your proofing website is extremely convenient and user friendly,
you will be able to share 
your images with family & friends.
If they wish, they
can purchase high quality products from our lab.


Step by step - Instructions will accompany your link - in order to assist with the

production process and prompt delivery of your collection's products.


will I receive my edited images as part of my collection?

Absolutely!  They are your images!


We will deliver your professionally hand-edited "wedding-day" digital images
in a beautifully designed USB with its case as part of your collection along

with a print release and a great lab recommendation.

Should you want professional prints, additional albums and other products
you can always order right from the site or from us directly.

These products are guaranteed and tailored to your needs and straight delivered to you.


We gladly accept:

  • Cash, Wire Transfer, Checks and/or Debit [ Google Pay or Venmo ]

  • ALL Major Credit Cards [ *a convenience fee will be applied to ALL CC transactions

  • Our payment plans after $650 deposit are 50/50 or 3 equal payments.

can we see a full wedding?

Most definitely! 

We, believe that when considering making the investment in
professional photography, 
you must be able to see real work -

When you are able to see it, it reveals a more in-depth their photographic process

during a real wedding day, you can make a better decision for your investment. 


We would love to show you any full wedding from released catalog from some of our couples.
In the meantime, please check our         
 blog        for a quicker view.


who edits our photographs?

We do all the post-processing and hand-editing ourselves.


Our process is simple: we shot it and we were there with you...

We know that our clients appreciate their images be handled by someone

was there with them instead of some random outsourced individual who didn't

work for us or someone who has zero relationship with our couples, 

We are very happy and proud to devote the time in getting to know you both,

because we want to make sure that we can tell the story the way it is meant to be! 


when can we see our digital proofing album?

Because we process all our work in-house -


We will make sure that your images are post processed
as soon as possible and so, we allow ourselves time

to make sure all is delivered in its perfect standards -


Keeping in mind: "Fast sometimes isn't better"


However, we still strive to provide  realistic times - and depending

on the product these can vary [ your albums is an example of that -] 

Our usual turn around is 4-6 weeks to deliver your digital proofing albums

and as we have mentioned, these may differ depending

on the time of year and how busy the studio is at that time.

where can you find us? 

We are serving our clients from three areas:

  • Eastern NC - Studio-LOFT  located on the Waterfront Downtown Morehead City, NC 
    [We cover Havelock, New Bern, Beaufort, Triangle Area, Wilmington, Myrtle Beach ]


  • NorthEast FL - Jacksonville, Florida

[We cover southeastern GA, Amelia Island, Fernandina Beach, Talbot Island, St. Augustine ]


  • NorthWest FL -  Tallahassee, Florida
    [We cover southwestern GA [ Even Atlanta], Thomasville,  Pensacola, Gainesville, Orlando  ]


We are Destination Photographers -  We are ready to Travel!

Our physical address

412 A Evans Street - Loft - Downtown
Morehead City, NC 28557

In Florida [ Just call to make appointment]

correspondence address

allie miller


412 A Evans Street
Morehead, NC 28557

are you insured?

do you travel?


**We are available for travel. Inquire for details + exclusions. ​

**We will provide a custom quote for any wedding that requires us to travel
We may be able to have it ALL inclusive - JUST ASK!

Raleigh [ Triangle Area] | emerald isle | Morehead City | Beaufort - North Carolina |

Southern + South + Coastal Georgia - Thomasville

 Tallahassee | Pensacola + First Coast Fl

Jacksonville Fl | Amelia island | Talbot Island | Fernandina Beach | St. Augustine

Orlando | Miami - ALL South Florida

your destination Wedding, Portrait + Commercial Photographers

412 A Evans St | Morehead City, North Carolina 28557 - North Carolina Offices

San Marco - Jacksonville + Southwood Area in Tallahassee - Florida Offices 

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