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About allie miller


Photography by @thesarak


I'm Allie, I love living life and I have a deep love
affair with colors and textures.

"my style"


I specialize in candid & timeless imagery for those madly in love!

My style involves that gorgeous, true-to-film look with natural and dynamic lighting. I emulate that gorgeous and timeless Fuji 400H  film in all my photography. What does this mean for you?  It truly reflects in all images having an enhanced color reproduction to a sharpness and smooth feel with a fine grain texture bringing out all natural skin tones with vivid and three-dimensional color.


Along with the emotional transparency channeled in all my work, you can expect me to be very personal during this very beautiful process. I am always seeking for that honest connection with every-single-one of my clients, and always hoping that the feeling is mutual.​ 


What I really love... I love photos that feel fun but elegant... Ethereal but classic... Radiant but luxurious, revealing your sense in style.

I am a believer that my job is far more than simply taking that 'photograph'... Why? Because, let's be honest: nowadays almost anyone can do that, right?  I am a storyteller, and I find great joy in the details [big & small] and in the unique dynamics of your day, just know... I am like you: I wouldn't want to miss a beat.


The Creator of it all, has gifted me with the ability to make people happy with my work and I ultimately aim to capture the moments that will be the best of memories for you and to those you love, so everyone enjoy your everlasting memories!

I strive to provide the best experience to my remarkable clients. I know how exciting and busy planning one of your most important days can become.  I am here to help by offering support as well as day of timeline planning.

When I am not behind the cameras, I love traveling and enjoy spending time between the Eastern Coast in NC and the country side of Pender County - Where you can find me at my local rescue/shelter with 2 steers, 11 horses, 3 goats, 3 pigs and other fur-babies [cats, bunnies, dogs] who are needing love and attention, or simply trying new food at local places, perhaps reading, taking a web-class or even walking with my fur babies, maybe calmly enjoying a cup of freshly brewed Lavazza or Julius Meinl  coffee

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